RSS News $20

RSS News Make the building of News Sites Faster and Easier.
It depends on Importing News from RSS Sources and Save them with Images (if found) to Database.

RSS News Features


  • User Friendly Control Panel.
  • Unlimited Categories.
  • Unlimited RSS Sources.
  • Unlimited Pages.
  • Can Import News from any feed type (RSS or Atom).
  • Can Import News Manually and Automatically.
  • Use Smarty Templates Engine for more Flexibility in Theme Editing.
  • Responsive View using Bootstrap
  • Can Make Money with Three Built-in Adsense Spaces.
  • Use LazyLoad For Image to Speed the Page Loading.
  • and more ..

RSS News Requirements


  • PHP 5.2 or higher
  • MySQLi Support
  • CURL Library
Script Demo Admin Demo

Admin Login :

username : admin

password : demo