Vimeo Automated Portal - Usage


Index Page display videos simple statistics per month. and you can choose the year and the month to display their statistics.
Also the Index Page display the cronjon command that it can be used in cpanel to make the script import videos automatically.


Categories Page display categories inserted by admin and you can add, edit and delete each category.
Also you can drag and drop categories to reorder them.

To Add a category you must insert the category name.
If you checked the option (Display Category in Menu) The category will appear in the main menu located at the top of front-end.
If you checked the option (Display Category in Home Page) The category will appear as a videos section in the homepage located at the front-end.


Users Page display the users that the script imports videos from. you can add, edit and delete users.
In addition you can also Import videos manually to each user.

To Add a user you must insert the Vimeo username of the user , and press the fetch user button.

The username is located at the vimeo as :
the username is alphabetical with numbers and don’t contain spaces
After adding the username press the button next the username input to fetch the user details.

If you checked the option (Auto Update User ?) means that this user will be included in the cronjob Importing atomatically. If not, then you should Import the videos for this user manually.


Videos Page Display published videos in addition to deleted videos and you can search for video(s).
Also you can delete multi-videos and restore them later In addition to option of deleting them permanently.

To Add a single Video (Not related to existing user) You Must Insert the Video Vimeo ID then click the fetch video details button.

the vimeo Video ID can be found at as :
Insert the Video ID and click the button next the Video ID input to fetch the video details.

Note : if the User ID for this video isn’t exists the script will import it automatically and store it in the database.


Pages Page Display custom content published by user such as (About Us, DMCA .. etc).
You can Add, Edit and Delete pages.
Also you can drag and drop pages to reorder them.

To Add Page Simply Insert the title and content.

Links Page Display custom links published by user.
You can Add, Edit and Delete links.
Also you can drag and drop links to reorder them.

To Add link you must insert the link title and URL.
You can choose how to open the link (same page or new page).
You can also add rel=nofollow to the link.


Setting help you moderate all the script details and maintenance.

General Setting

General Setting contains the SEO setting which allow you to choose the site title,keywords and description.
Also you can choose the site template (Theme) from general setting.

Theme Setting

Theme setting contains the display videos numbers (homepage,category,user,related,featured videos,random video widget).
Also it has an option to Enable/Disable the LazyLoad function.

Clear Cache

Smarty Templates Engine creates Cache files to speed the loading of the site pages.
You have the ability to clear this files (if needed).

Optimize Database

Sometimes the Database has overhead.
You have the ability to Optimize the database and remove the overhead.

Remove Old Videos

You can remove old videos having many options to do that.