Quotes CMS - Install

To Install Quotes CMS you should first of all upload script files to your host.
Then you have to create a new Database with user that has all permissions.
After you Upload the files and create the database then you can run the Install file.

Upload Script Files :

After Purchase the script and download the purchased zipped file. You should unzip the file :
The unzipped file will result two folders :

  • documentation.
  • script.
  • sql.

Upload the script folder contents to your host.

Create Database

To Create Database login to your cpanel.
Search for Mysql Database.

By clicking on Mysql Database Link you will go to the Database Managment.

First : Create a New Database

Second : Add a New User

Third : Add a User to Database

Edit config.php Variables

Open config.php file which is located at : include folder.

		$db_config = array(
			'host' => 'localhost', // the database host
			'user' => 'db_username', // the database user
			'pass' => 'db_password', // the database password
			'name' => 'db_name' // the database name

Change the values inserting your values.

for example :

'user' => 'db_username'

The value is db_username and this is what to change. the phrase after =>

Run Install File

To Install the Script Database and Primary Setting go to :


And follow the instructions there.