What The Weather!? ...N°113 Behind the Scenes (Lofoten)

A short behind the scenes flic about the build up towards the afternoon on which I was able to capture the images for this week's tune relaxdaily N°113. In the end, we found a beautiful beach, Haukland Beach, on the Lofoten islands in Norway, and good conditions to capture nice images, but there were obstacles to get to there...

This is based on excerpts from my longer Lofoten travel vlog, but only those clips that are directly related to my recent relaxdaily N°113 music video. Watch our full Lofoten trip video on https://relaxdaily.net/lofoten

Watch N°113 in up to 4K again: https://youtu.be/Swhsv8eendo

See you soon,
Michael (relaxdaily music and video creator)

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