Whaaat!? (...Finally)

Excuse the drama in the title and thumbnail. But this one is important to me. And it might be also to some relaxdaily fans. It's about my new relaxdaily website https://relaxdaily.net

The new website features an audio player. You can listen to all relaxdaily singles and albums in full length without ads.

Also there is another music format: the relaxdaily music streams.

This all is powered by the vision to create a beautiful sonic tool for you. A place you can go to listen to a calm relaxdaily soundtrack.

Also it's powered by the hope that some will help me funding this musical journey via my new Patreon page: https://patreon.com/relaxdaily

This is an optional offer of course, but if you want to support what I do, please simply visit the above page and decide for yourself. Your support would mean a lot to me.

Oh, and yes, now with this project basically done, I'll be able to create and release new music soon. I'm looking forward to it and hope you'll enjoy it :)

Thank you for being with me,