Why NO new relaxdaily music!?

Here's a short status update on what's going on behind the scenes and why you haven't seen new relaxdaily uploads in recent months.

The short text version:
After my last piano live session in December, the plan was to de-connect from YouTube for only a few weeks (so hopefully no one would notice), with the intention to focus 100% on a very important sub-project: a new version of my website relaxdaily.net. I work best when I can fully focus on things, so I thought this would allow me to get the new site live quickly and then I could continue to create new music and share it with you here on YouTube and the web again. ...But: Other than anticipated, it takes waaaaaay longer to get this website done (we - my coding friend and I) ran into a few technical issues, that took us weeks to get solved. We're now back on track - if one can still say so. Anyway, it looks like we just solved the biggest roadblocks, and it should be only a matter of weeks to implement the rest. Once the site is done and live, you can bet I'll start creating new tunes again and will share it here with you, of course!

Until then,
Thank you for your patience.
Thank you for being part of this wonderful music journey.
Michael (relaxdaily)