Donald Trump is basically Frank Costanza so it’s going to be Festivus all the time

Serenity now, America.
Like an old man trying to send back soup in a deli, Donald Trump was angry during his press conference on Thursday. 
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He was mad at the "out of control" press. He was livid at the "criminal leaks" that led to the resignation of Michael Flynn. He ranted about the "fake news" overshadowing all his tremendous accomplishments. 

"It was unhinged. It was wild." @jaketapper reacts to President Trump's press conference
— CNN (@CNN) February 16, 2017

"It was an airing of grievances," said CNN's Jake Tapper afterwards. "It was Festivus." And like that, Festivus references took over Twitter. The term was trending, and grievances were flying.  Read more... More about Festivus , Seinfeld , Donald Trump , and Watercooler